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Recommended Sites and Vendors

Here are the names, listed alphabetically, of some sites and vendors with whom we have done business over the years. We encourage you to visit their web sites and browse their products. If you decide to buy, you will not be disappointed.

Golden Jade Exports Co., Ltd.
Email: goldenj@bkk2.loxinfo.co.th

Ray and Than Hartman own and operate this well known and highly regarded company in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Their product line includes wrought iron furniture, antique teak furniture, earthenware pottery, lacquerware, and a variety of textiles.

We first met Ray and Than in 2000, shortly after we moved to Chiang Mai and we became fast and lasting friends. We have been very fortunate in our ability to talk Ray and Than out of some of their most beautiful antique furniture, which now sits in our Florida home.

Golden Jade does not have a web site, but an email request will get you a catalog.

Hilmi’s Carpets & Kilims
Email: hilmidemirci@ttnet.net.tr

This shop, located in the Balgat section of Ankara, Turkey, is owned and operated by Hilmi Demirci. We first visited Hilmi’s with mutual friends in 1997 when the shop was tucked away near the end of a winding alley at the bottom of the Ulus hill.

I have learned a lot from Hilmi, who always found the time to walk me through every stage of carpet production, to take me with him on buying trips, to show me the inside of carpet wash houses, to introduce me to his friends in the trade and, of course, to teach me the art of drinking Turkish tea. Hilmi has a knack for finding the rare and unusual, and I have purchased hundreds of pieces from him.

If you get to Ankara, Hilmi’s Carpets & Kilims should be a “must see” stop on your tour. Hilmi is still working on his web site, but he will be happy to answer your questions via email.

Indigo Group of Companies
Email: info@indigoturizm.co.tr

We first visited Indigo Carpets in Goreme, Kapadokya, Turkey, on one drizzly afternoon in the Spring of 1997 when we found ourselves lost for something to do while waiting for the rain to stop. We immediately found friends there, and we have been regular visitors and customers ever since.

Owned and operated by Omer Tosun, the company has grown to include the lovely and picturesque Museum Hotel, the Matiyana Travel Agency, the C@ppadocia Restaurant and other enterprises. Omer is probably the best person I know at identifying carpet origins. I am proud to call him a friend, and I am happy that many of my very best carpets were once in his inventory.

We encourage you to visit the Indigo web sites, and when you plan a trip to Kapadokya, check out Matiyana Travel and be sure to call for reservations at the Museum Hotel.

Kapadokya Balloons
Email: fly@kapadokyaballons.com

Kapadokya (Cappadocia) is one of the most visually striking locations on Earth. It is a true pleasure to drive by and walk through the deep valleys and over the rugged high ground, but it is a totally different and breathtaking experience to view the landscape from a basket suspended beneath the billowing canopy of a hot air balloon

Lars More and Kaili Kidner own and operate the company, and their love of ballooning is rabidly contagious - from the early morning launch of a black test balloon to the landing site champagne party. We have flown - more accurately, we have drifted - with them on more that 10 occasions and we eagerly look forward to our next experience aloft.

Kapadokya Balloons is a fully licensed and insured balloon company, and we encourage everyone who is planning a trip to Kapadokya to reserve one morning of your itinerary so you can join Kaili and Lars for the “flight” of a lifetime.

Orchid Jade
Email: info@orchidjade.com

Orchid Jade, known locally as The Jade Factory, sits near the summit of Doi Sutep, a mountain on the west side of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The specialty, of course, is jade, and all grades and varieties can be found there. In addition to outstanding jade stones, jade carvings, and other semi-precious stones, they also design unique settings in both gold and silver.

The company is owned and operated by Waranon and Preecha Pongcharoenkul and their 2 sons, Mai and Pai. In the last two years, the company has opened two new show rooms: one at the newly renovated Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel in Chiang Mai and one in Bangkok. Jo’s jewelry box contains ample samples of Orchid Jade products and we can recommend Orchid Jade unconditionally for all of your jade needs.

When you get to Chiang Mai and visit the temple at summit of Doi Sutep, make sure you stop at Orchid Jade before heading downhill. As an alternative, we suggest you visit the Orchid Jade web site.

Tribal Collections
Email: carpets@tribalcollections.net

Tribal Collections is a lovely shop owned and operated by Ruth Lockwood and Faruk Ciftci in Goreme, Kapadokya, Turkey. We have known Ruth and Faruk for about 11 years now, and we truly feel that we have been adopted into their families.

More than any other single person, Ruth has been instrumental in expanding our knowledge of and appreciation for handmade carpets, kilims, embroideries and other textiles. We have spent 10’s - maybe 100’s - of hours sitting with her on this floor, or that bench or some pile of carpets while we snack on kofte or gozleme and talk about, look at and touch carpets of all ages from around the world.

We have the highest regard for these people and the integrity of their company. We recommend Tribal Collections to you unconditionally, and we encourage you to visit the them, either on the web now or in person when you have an opportunity to visit Turkey.


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